Welcome, and thank you for joining me on our journey of transformation and self- discovery!

You are here because on some level you’re ready to take charge of a new more conscious lifestyle by expanding your mind and nourishing your soul.

The world as we know it is made up of energy. It surrounds and infuses everything we do. History has provided systems for working with this energy, which is also known as Qi, Chi, Prana or Ruach to name a few. Subtle-energy pathways of the human body are best described as Meridians by traditional Chinese Medicine and as Chakras by Hindu Ayurvedic tradition and there are close ties of these systems to both the Jewish Kabbalah and the Christian Sacraments. Meditation, Acupuncture, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Yoga, Ti-Chi, and Prayer are all ancient practices of working with our energy fields.

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